Purchasing the right set of tires is so incredibly important, and our tire experts at Wickstrom Ford can help you find the perfect set. No matter what you’re hoping to use your tires for, we’ll ensure that you leave our Illinois Ford dealership 100% satisfied.

Having the right set of tires makes a complete difference in your driving experience. For drivers who live in and around Barrington, IL, we always suggest picking up a set of tires that can hold up through the Illinois winters. All-weather tires that grip the road well in snow and rain can make a huge difference in your drive, and provide peace of mind all-year-round.

You should also ensure your tires fit your lifestyle. For some Ford drivers, having a car that can heft a fair amount of cargo is crucial. We’d point them in the direction of tires with a robust load index, which is the factor that determines just how much weight your tires can endure.

Other drivers are looking to take their Ford SUV or truck off the road and into the dirt. In this scenario, we’d suggest purchasing a set of off-road tires. Off-road tires are far more durable than your standard tire and provide superior traction on terrains like mud, snow, gravel, and sand.

A wide variety of our customers are also interested in tires that can handle high speeds and offer high-speed maneuverability. In this case, we’d pick out a set of tires with a high-speed rating, which ensures continued performance no matter what your speedometer tells you.

Finding the right tires can be a challenge, but the tire experts in our Ford parts center strive to make it as simple as possible. At Wickstrom Ford, we’ll share our entire depth of automotive knowledge to ensure all your automotive needs are met in full.