When you visit Wickstrom Ford, you can expect a Ford dealership experience that goes far beyond what’s expected. Sure, we offer a diverse range of new and used Ford vehicles to choose from, but we’re also staffed by a team of auto professionals who are more than willing to offer you their diverse range of advice and guidance.

Of all the seasons to consult with a car care professional, we believe summer takes the cake at the top of the list. What does summer have to do with car maintenance? Well, summertime typically means plenty of road trips, drives to the beach, and camping excursions. As a result, we always recommend that you ensure your vehicle is ready for the heat before you take to the pavement.

We suggest having your tires fully evaluated. In truth, your tires should be checked every season, however, the last thing you want to do is be stranded on the side of the road in the heat of summer with a busted tire. Tires are affected by heat in a number of different ways. For example, it causes a tire’s air pressure to ride and the rubber to degrade and fall victim to premature cracking. When you come in, we’ll inspect your tires’ tread depth and air pressure levels to ensure both are in optimal condition.

Of course, we recommend that drivers have their air conditioning inspected and serviced if necessary for obvious reasons. Your main ally in fighting the summer heat is your AC, and ensuring it’s up for the task of the sweltering Barrington, IL heat, can make all the difference in your driving experience.

Additionally, our Ford auto technicians serving Schaumburg, IL can also take a look at your fluids to ensure they’re all at an adequate level and the battery and determine if it’s charge is aptly juiced.

If you’re looking for a service expert that you trust, Wickstrom Ford should be your first pick. Our Ford service team goes the extra mile to ensure your vehicle is ready to take on all the summer road trips and excursions you have planned.