When you visit Wickstrom Ford to purchase a vehicle, you can expect to receive guidance from a team of professionals who understand what it means to find ‘the perfect car.’ There are a lot of factors at play when finding the best vehicle. However, lifestyle is possibly the most important of the bunch.

When you visit our auto dealership, you’ll find a plethora of vehicles ranging from hulking SUVs to quiet and fuel-efficient hybrid sedans. The amount of selection can be overwhelming, especially for the new car buyer. For this reason, we often recommend that our customers purchase a vehicle based on their lifestyle needs.

How do you find a car that matches your lifestyle? Well, if you commute on a regular basis, chances are you’ll find most satisfaction out of a vehicle with either a four-cylinder engine that is fuel conscious and comfortable. Something like the 2019 Ford Fiesta might be a great fit in this case. The Ford Fiesta is a zippy little car that earns 27 mpg in the city and 37 on the highway, and it offers plenty of comfort for both drivers and passengers.

Alternatively, if you’re a parent, you may want something a little more substantial. In this instance, our team would recommend an SUV that offers great safety features and plenty of room for both cargo and passengers. For this kind of driver, we might recommend the 2019 Ford Explorer. The Ford Explorer can seat seven comfortably and comes with some of the latest in automotive safety tech.

So, before you purchase a new Ford vehicle, ask yourself, ‘What kind of car would I get the most use out of?’ Sure, there may be plenty of potential choices, but our team at Wickstrom Ford can help you narrow those down and send you off in the Ford that checks off all your automotive boxes.