The road can be dangerous and filled with potential hazards, but if you know what to look out for and practice cautious driving, you can significantly reduce any risk that they cause. Our Illinois car dealers at Wickstrom Ford are well learned on the subject of road hazards and are here to show you how you can best avoid them entirely.

If you’re anywhere near, in, or around the Barrington, IL area then you must already know the kind of weather we get throughout the year. Between heavy rain seasons, and heavy downpours of snow, one of the most common hazards that drivers experience is rough road conditions. While some drivers can enjoy the benefit of features like AWD and a 4×4 drivetrain which provide extra traction in these terrains, not all drivers are so lucky. So we suggest that drivers avoid heading out on the road during rough weather if possible.

Another common hazard is pedestrians and cyclists. While drivers are expected to share the road, pedestrians and cyclists can be easily lost in blind spots or be overlooked in the bustle of traffic. To avoid this hazard we suggest that driver’s keep both eyes on the road at all times. Fortunately, features like forward-collision warnings and blind-spot detection can provide extra awareness, giving them a full scope of what’s going on around them.

Last but far from least on our list of road hazards is other drivers. Other drivers can be unpredictable, and at times reckless, putting themselves and others at risk. While avoiding them completely can be a bit of a challenge, remaining aware of the road, and adhering to traffic laws is your best bet in preventing a dangerous collision.

Road hazards can make driving dangerous, but driving itself doesn’t have to be. When customers come to our Ford dealership browsing our many new cars for sale, we always fill them in on how Ford has designed their vehicles to protect drivers through a wide variety of safety features. When you visit Wickstrom Ford, we’ll showcase exactly why Ford is one of the best and safest car brands on the market today.