Buying a car can be a great experience, but fortunately, you have plenty of other options. At Wickstrom Ford, we offer a vast collection of used Ford cars, many of which are certified pre-owned and can work with our customers to provide a financing plan that works for them.

What is a certified pre-owned car? Well, your typical used car has had previous owners and does receive a thorough inspection from the dealership that hopes to resell it. Certified pre-owned vehicles are used vehicles that have been inspected and refurbished by the manufacturer. On top of that, certified pre-owned cars can be purchased with comprehensive warranties, which provide things like bumper to bumper coverage.

Why is buying certified pre-owned sometimes better than buying new? While buying a new car allows you to take advantage of some of the latest automotive technology, and gives you the chance to be the sole owner of a car, you can end up paying way more than you would when buying certified pre-owned. Some drivers simply don’t want to deal with the financial burden of a brand new car. Certified pre-owned cars tend to be much cheaper than their brand new counterparts, and as a result, require far less financing to cover the cost. Although, when purchasing a certified pre-owned, or pre-owned vehicle, we suggest that you only seek assistance from a reputable dealership.

At Wickstrom Ford, we’ve made a name for ourselves for being one of the most well-respected Ford dealerships in the Barrington area. We are proud of our pre-owned collection and can set you up with a vehicle that meets both your budgetary and automotive needs.